IWUF President Yu Zaiqing Visits Shanghai in Advance of 2019 WWC to Lay Groundwork for Event







From November 20-23, IWUF President Yu Zaiqing attended a series of wushu activities in Shanghai and inspected the preparation of the 15th World Wushu Championships (15th WWC). 


Shanghai's 15th World Wushu Championships will offer great opportunities to promote wushu culture worldwide. The event will include the presentation of wushu cultural resources, display the IWUF's high-level international competition, and offer the public many wushu activities. Increasing public awareness of the WWC event will also promote wushu culture and  Chinese cultural heritage on a more international stage.


President Yu expressed his satisfaction with Shanghai's preparation work for the 15th WWC in 2019 and remarked on the good communication between the IWUF and the Shanghai LOC. 

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