Wushu Exhibition at the Central American Games in Managua


Wushu Exhibition at the Central American Games in Managua, Nicaragua Promotes Wushu to Central American Region

A delegation led by Victor On, President of Costa Rica Wushu Kungfu Federation, Executive Board Member of Pan American Wushu Federation, and Director for Central America and Caribbean Affairs, attended the Central American Games (December 3-17) to introduce wushu to Central America's sports community and to establish direct contact with the area's Olympic committee executives. In addition, the delegation worked to initiate talks to integrate more of the region's countries into IWUF. The delegation consisted of Mr. On, as Team leader, and 5 wushu athletes from Brazil.

The Central American Games are a multi-sport regional championships event, held every 4 years. The Games are conducted under the auspices of the Central American Sports Organization (CASO - ORDECA). Established in 1972, the Central American Sports Organization (CASO - ORDECA) is an international organization which represents the current 7 National Olympic Committees of the Central American region -- Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

The wushu delegation seized an opportunity to present the sport to the Central American sports community with an exhibition during the event’s gala dinner at the Managua Convention Center, which was attended by 500-600 of the most important and relevant sports personalities and authorities of the area. This included representatives from international sports federations, and executive members of CASO, CACSO and PASO.

Mr. On coordinated the exhibition by the athletes, and supported the performance by giving an audiovisual presentation of 
IWUF's Wushu Video and introduction of the sport. His speech included information on IWUF Membership around 5 continents, IWUF's 6 major official events, wushu in multi-sports games, and wushu’s potential as an inspiring Olympic sport.

Through this performance and presentation direct contact was made with the region's Olympic committee's executives. Guatemala, Panama and Honduras showed interest in developing wushu in their countries, and requests were made for guidance to assist them in getting organized internally and become members of IWUF. Once members, the new NF’s of Central America would add support for wushu to participate in other Games in the region. Mr. On will continue to liason and coordinate with the potential new members to establish their wushu federations, join IWUF, and grow and strengthen wushu sport in Central America.

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