IWUF 2018-2021 Global Sponsorship Program Begins with Excitement


IWUF 2018-2021 Global Sponsorship Program Begins with Excitement
   On January 31, 2018 the IWUF 2018-2021 Global Sponsorship Program ceremony took place in Beijing. IOC Vice President and IWUF President Yu Zaiqing, IWUF Executive Vice President Anthony Goh, IWUF Honorary Vice President Liu Ruiqi, IWUF Secretary General and CWA President Zhang Qiuping, CWA Vice President Chen Entang, CWA Vice President Chen Guorong, CWA Vice President Zhang Yuping, IWUF Honorary Executive Board Member Tian Suhui and other leaders and VIPs were present at the opening ceremony. Representatives of more than 30 IWUF partners, sponsors, businesses, and additional commercial organizations gathered to begin cooperation on this landmark project, and the beginning of this sponsorship program marks the IWUF's new level of international wushu marketing on the global stage.
   The ceremony began with the IWUF promotional video introducing the IWUF's 6 signature events. In his welcome speech, Secretary General Zhang Qiuping extended his warmest welcome to all the guests, and reported on the rapid development wushu throughout the world, highlighting the success of wushu in Pan America, Europe, Africa, Oceana and Asia.
    Taking a broad view, Honorary Vice President Liu Ruiqi introduced the International Wushu Company Ltd.'s intent and strategic positioning, illuminating the diverse business opportunities offered in the international wushu market.
   With this the IWUF 2018-2021 Global Sponsorship Program officially opened, and President Yu Zaiqing gave a speech expressing his hope that in the next four years the IWUF would continue to grow and develop the international wushu market to unprecedented levels. He noted the Global Sponsorship Program is extremely significant, and with many sponsors onboard wushu will spread even faster to bring with it sponsors' brand recognition in countries across the globe. He further expressed his hope that all present would take advantage of such a valuable opportunity and commit to joining the Global Sponsorship Program, contributing both to the promotion of wushu and the evolution of the name recognition of their own brands.
   The IWUF 2018-2021 Global Sponsorship Program is divided into three levels of sponsorship, with each level requiring a different level of support: Global Partner, Global Sponsor, and Global Supplier. Those who meet the requirements of official IWUF events and international marketing rules are all eligible to become four-year sponsors of the IWUF from 2018-2021. The IWUF will grant corresponding rights and benefits to the sponsors, including but not limited to the use of the IWUF logo, the use of the IWUF license title, sponsor logo recognition, event intellectual property rights, media dissemination rights, print promotion, rights connected to related activities, on-site advertising resources, on-site exhibitions, value-added remuneration rights and benefits, and market protection rights. The Global Sponsorship Program covers two World Championship cycles, including all of the IWUF signature events during that time period.
   The IWUF believes in sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, striving to promote and develop sponsors' advantages and sharing of resources, enhancing the quality of events, innovating competition formats, growing the scope of competitions, and broadcasting events. The IWUF supports fully comprehensive partnerships, helping and supporting wushu athletes and fans around the world to spread the sport of wushu.
   The opening ceremony concluded with awards presented to HengYuanXiang Group, Fujian Weizhixing Sports Goods Co. Ltd., and Shandong Taishan Sports Equipment Co. Ltd, as outstanding IWUF sponsors in 2017. After the ceremony concluded, all attendees enjoyed the IWUF 2018 New Year's Banquet.
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