Leshan City Representatives Visit the IWUF and Will Bid to Host WKFC Again


On December 21, 2017 IWUF Executive Vice President Anthony Goh and Honorary Vice President Liu Ruiqi received a 7-person delegation from Leshan City. The two parties exchanged feedback on the 7th World Kungfu Championships (WKFC), and discussed Leshan's application to host the 8th WKFC.



Last year, the 7th WKFC were successfully held in Emeishan city, a county-level city under the administration of Leshan city. Mr. Goh expressed his appreciation for Leshan City's outstanding contributions to the November 2017 event, noting that without their attention to competition, security, transportation, and hospitality details, the 7th WKFC could not have been the fine success it was. The meeting's attendees also enjoyed a video summary of the event in which wushu athletes, members of the IWUF Executive Board, and spectators shared their interest and excitement to be participating in an event in one of China's most historic and revered sources of kungfu.


Zhou Lunbin, Vice Mayor of Leshan city, presented the 7th WKFC LOC's work report. In total, 3,800 athletes from 52 countries participated in this year's WKFC. Chen Ping, Vice Mayor of Emeishan city, expressed hope to be selected again as the host city for the next iteration of the Championships, and walked the IWUF representatives through the LOC's work plan for the 8th WKFC. Vice Mayor Zhou emphasized the city's enthusiasm for supporting kungfu, its event-ready infrastructure, and dedication to devoting the full resources of Leshan and Emeishan to future IWUF events. Possible changes and improvements were discussed by the group, and Mr. Goh conveyed his appreciation of Leshan City's desire to host the next WKFC. 

With that, the Leshan delegation officially announced their intention to submit their application to host the 8th World Kungfu Championships, with a final decision to be made by the IWUF at a later date.



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