2018 IWUF Technical Meeting


2018 IWUF Technical Committee Meeting was held from March 10-11, 2018   in Beijing, China. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Chen Guorong, Chairman of the IWUF Technical Committee. Mr. Anthony Goh, IWUF Executive Vice President and Mr. Zhang Qiuping, IWUF Secretary General attended this meeting.



Mr. Anthony Goh addressed members on the importance of technical optimization for global wushu development. He introduced the current status of wushu’s current growth and the challenges in certain technical areas. He encouraged the Technical Committee to play a greater role in improving competition rules and management models, and ensuring fairness in judging.


Technical Committee members had discussions on the revision of current International Wushu Taolu Competition Rules & Judging Methods. The finalized version will be submitted to the Executive Board for approval. Committee members also made improvements to the International Wushu Judges Management Method to further standardize the training and certification of wushu judges.


The meeting attendees discussed the 2018-2019 work plan for the Technical Committee. During 2018, the IWUF TC will oversee and manage three coaches training courses and certifications, as well as the planning and executing of the competitions including World Junior Wushu Championships, World Taijiquan Championships, Taolu World Cup, Sanda World Cup and World University Wushu Championships in various locations worldwide. The meeting also addressed topics including the standardization of wushu equipment, weapons and clothes, traditional wushu competition rules, and other issues.


Mr. Zhang Qiuping, IWUF Secretary General, remarked that this Technical Committee meeting was very productive and the members took an active role in discussion. He expressed and hoped that the Technical Committee members could also learn from studying other sports, and innovate ways of developing wushu as we work together towards the common goal of promoting the sport worldwide.


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