IWUF Grading Commission Meeting


On 13 March, 2017, the second meeting of the IWUF Grading Commission was successfully held in Beijing, China. Mr. Anthony Goh, IWUF Executive Vice President & Grading Commission Chairperson, Ms. Zhang Yuping, Vice Chairperson of the IWUF Grading Commission, Mr. Zhang Qiuping, IWUF Secretary General and CWA President and eight other members attended this meeting. Under consideration in discussions were development goals, direction, and the initial measures needed to embark upon implementing the International Wushu Grading System.



The members approved the minutes of the 1st IWUF Grading Commission meeting and listened to the progress report made by the preparatory working group. The members discussed wushu styles to be structured and promoted by this program; principles of structuring and developing curricula; and organizational structures of sub-committees (technical, educational materials, examination, etc.). The meeting clarified nine ji and nine duan as evaluation criteria, and listed changquan, taijiquan, sanda and traditional wushu as wushu styles to be structured and promoted according to the criteria established.


Mr. Goh stated that the task to establish an operational international grading system is full of challenges, but that In the process of researching and establishing the International Wushu Grading System, the Commission shall take various factors into consideration including: the standardized and differential management mode for the various wushu disciplines; respect for the history and values of traditional kungfu; the establishment of training curricula and evaluation criteria; and the promotion and marketing of this system.


The Commission will initially pursue a grading system of traditional kungfu, and further discussed the developing direction for the traditional kungfu grading system to support and unite the traditional practitioners worldwide. With the goal of establishing the international, standardized and sustainable grading system, the meeting proposed a series of measures including establishing the cooperation with the national and regional wushu federations, and the mutually beneficial systems of finance and technical support. Meanwhile, the IWUF will cooperate closely with the CWA on establishing a professional team and working group for further researching and developing curricula for this system.


Mr. Zhang Qiuping expressed that the CWA has rich wushu experience and will fully support the IWUF on all its efforts to initiate and implement the IWUF Grading System.


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