IWUF and Shanghai LOC Promote Wushu and the 15th WWC on UN’s 2018 Chinese Language Day




From May 6-10, 2018,along with other colorful cultural exchanges made to celebrate the UN (United Nations) Chinese Language Day, a series of wushu activities were held for the promotion of the sport of wushu and 15th World Wushu Championships (15th WWC) at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.




On May 7th the opening ceremony of Chinese Language Day displayed fine wushu performances to various UN officials. Officials from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations Information Service (UNIS) and more than 40 UN ambassadors to Vienna attended this opening ceremony. 


At the opening ceremony a performance team composed of representatives from the Shanghai wushu community appeared as the finale. Five national champions’ performance featured various wushu styles including taijiquan, drunken fist (zuiquan), baguazhang, and bajiquan. The performance of three child wushu ambassadors demonstrated the spirit of the youth. The performance from the elderly won more warm applause. Wushu performers across four generations appeared on the same stage, bringing the atmosphere to the climax. 




Paulo Araujo, Member of the IWUF Executive Board, together with the representatives from the Shanghai LOC, sent invitation letters to the UN ambassadors for the15th WWC in Shanghai, 2019. Mr. Araujo met Ambassador Shi Zhongjun from the Permanent Mission of China, and offered information on the IWUF’s progress in the promotion and development of wushu worldwide.


On May 9th Shanghai wushu delegations also gave another dynamic performance of various wushu disciplines in the Rotunda of the Vienna International Centre, Austria.




The exhibition booth for wushu was set up during these days in the Vienna International Centre. Many visitors and foreigners had the opportunity to learn about wushu from the printed brochures, but were also offered instruction in basic wushu from national wushu champions from Shanghai. Some students and visitors also wrote their best wishes for the 15th WWC on the poster.


The celebration of UN’s 2018 Chinese Language Day received excellent media exposure from CCTV, Phoenix TV and other domestic and foreign media. The official social media account of UNIS VIENNA released several live pictures.




The celebrations of Chinese Language Day at the United Nations in Vienna were organized by the VIC (Vienna International Center) Chinese Culture Association and the Culture Association in Austria, and supported by the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna. As a part of this celebration, the series of wushu activities were hosted by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government designated by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, organized by the Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and supported by the IWUF.      




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