USA Holds 2018 International Wushu Judges Training & Certification


From April 15-20, 2018, the first edition of the 2018 International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Course was successfully held in Lubbock, Texas, USA.

46 participants from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Hungary and Jordan took part in this course. After six days of training a total of 23 wushu judges passed the examination and obtained their certificates.



The IWUF holds its International Wushu Judges Examination courses biennially with the purpose to train and certify wushu judges at the highest international standards. In 2018, in line with the needs of the development of wushu worldwide and for the convenience of judges from each continent, the IWUF is holding three editions of the International Wushu Judges Training & Certification Course in the Americas, Europe and Asian regions. This will offer participants multiple dates and locations to select from. All IWUF member federations are eligible to submit participants to the courses according to the stipulations within the regulations.


The USA course offered both a taolu and sanda class. Taolu sessions covered all aspects of taolu judging and practical review of the new compulsory forms. Taolu attendees took a technical examination in which all participants were required to perform one bare hand and one weapon routine, a theoretical examination on taolu competition rules, and a practical examination based on analysis and judging of taolu video performances.



Sanda attendees took a theoretical examination on sanda competition rules, a practical examination - analysis and judging of a live sanda performance or video - and a technical examination which included performance of sanda basic skills (hand techniques, leg techniques, wrestling techniques, defensive techniques) both individually and with an opponent.



After 6 intensive days in Lubbock, this judges training and certification course received enthusiastic responses from the attendees. Sanda coach Yi Yuan Lee, who participated in this course, commented, "I felt that the IWUF's Judges Course was very informative, enjoyable and conducted in the utmost professional manner. I enjoyed myself and left feeling inspired to do more in spreading the sport of wushu here in the U.S. I hope to be as helpful to the sport as the class was for me." 


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