The 15th WWC Logo and Mascot Design Competition has begun!


On the afternoon of September 6, the Shanghai Sports Bureau and Shanghai Radio and Television Station held a press conference in Shanghai to officially launch the 15th World Wushu Championships Logo and Mascot Design Competition.

Chen Qun, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Xu Bin, Director of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Burea, Wang Jianjun, Chairman of the Board  of the Shanghai Media Group, Gao Yunfei, President of the Shanghai Media Group, Teng Junjie,  Director of the Supervision Committe of the Shanghai Media Group, Lu Lin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, Zhao Guangsheng, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, Luo Wenhua, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, and Yuan Lei, Vice President of the Shanghai Media Group.

In October 2019, the 15th World Wushu Championships (WWC) will launch the "Wulin Festival" in Shanghai. The logo and masco are the most important visual representation and communication symbols of the 2019 WWC, and given their importance in the promotion of the event, the solicitation campaign aims to encourage wide domestic and international participation. Related activities will include global solicitation for design submissions, online voting, expert review, results announcement, and more. The whole process will be given full-media, multilingual, and three-dimensional coverage, with cross-cultural international communication and the widest possible public participation to inject a new level of interaction surrounding Wushu events.

Evaluations of submissions will place particular importance on the diversity of Wushu and international culture, and celebrities from cultural, communication, and Wushu circles , as well as visual arts professionals have been invited to form a five-member Panel of Judges. Among them Sun Zongqing, the Chairman of the Jury, is an outstanding figure in the animation of Chinese traditional culture and the famous director and design of the original Shanghai Animation Film Studio. She has station that in evaluating submissions she will pay special attention to the cross-cultural expression of Chinese traditional culture in the design of mascot(s) and logo(s), looking for the integration of Wushu and Shanghai's urban spirit, and let the WWC’s logo(s) and mascot(s) not only embody the heart of the global Wushu, but also  establish Shanghai’s international identity as a center for sport and culture, allowing more people to understand Wushu, fall in love with Wushu, and spread Wushu.

In order to do effectively collect submissions and promote the event, the International Wushu Federation Media Department and the Shanghai Wushu World Championship Organizing Committee will release the latest information on the collection and selection activities on both domestic and overseas multimedia channels, and welcome the participation of people from all walks of life. The results of the specific collection will be released in late October.

Additionally, during this press conference the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and Shanghai Radio and Television Station signed a strategic cooperation agreement, an agreement which will commence with the promotion activities of the 15th WWC. At present, under the lead of the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, the Preparatory Committee for the 15th WWC has been established. The work of the Publicity and Activities Department is being handled by SMG Radio, and the work of the WWC is well underway.

Along with soliciting for designs, a series of other exciting activities will also be launched, including the global selection of the World Championships "Little Spokesperson" activities and World Championships anthem solicitation. In the coming year, Shanghai will enter “Wushu mode” to further expand the influence of the WWC.

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