The 15th WWC Logo and Mascot Design Competition Details


The 15th World Wushu Championships Logo and Mascot Design Competition Details

Dates for design submission: Sep.6th-Sep.30th, 2018.


Main requirements for design works

Design Collection of Logo(s) and Mascot(s) (including the mascot(s)’s image and name) for the 15th World Wushu Championships.

a. Works are consistent with the theme of 2019 Shanghai Wushu World Championships, reflecting the essence of Wushu, embodying new ideas in spreading traditional Chinese culture, and revealing Shanghai's urban spirit.


1. The design should give a strong visual impression with creative ideas, be visually attractive with vivid colors, and overall be memorable.

2. The material and size design for the logo(s) should be taken into consideration, as the logo(s) will appear in a range of different mediums (print, online, social media, etc.) and sizes.

3. Mascot design, including its name and image, can be a single image or a group of images.


b. The work should be accompanied by a description of its core design plan and design concept. The explanatory text should be an electronic document in DOC or DOCX format. Lastly, the designer's name, school/company/team/individual, and contact information should be specified.


c. Designs can be 2D or 3D, and any software can be used. The size of design files should be no less than 3840*2160 pixels, 300 dpi. Source files of the design, such as PSD and AI, should be submitted along with a JPG file and a PNG file.


d. A front view for the logo(s) design should be provided. The design of the mascot(s) should include five views, namely, front, side, back, 45° side and 45° back, which should be displayed together in one page.


Submission methods

When submitting, please put the designs and their explanatory texts into one compressed file. The file name should be “[school/company/team/individual]_[designer name]_ Logo(s)&Mascot Design”.

Please send an email with design files attached to and with subject line “Logo(s)&Mascot Design for 2019 Shanghai World Wushu Championships”.


Panel of Judges

Five judges consist of foreign and domestic sponsors, celebrities (from cultural circles, communication circles, and Wushu circles), and visual arts professionals.


Panel Chairman:

Sun Zongqing

Famous Chinese animator

Former director in Shanghai Animation Film Studio

Works of note: Dirty King Adventure, No-brain and Unhappiness, Feelings of Mountains and Waters



Georges Schwizgebel

Famous Swiss animation film director

2017 Annecy International Animated Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award

2018 Swissfilm Association Lifetime Achievement Award


Qiu Pixiang

One of China's top ten Wushu professors

Ninth Duan for Wushu (the highest level in the rank system of Chinese Wushu)

China's first Wushu PhD tutor


Jin Daiqiang

International Graphic Designer

Alliance Graphique Internationale member

Visiting Professor of CAFA


Teng Junjie

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Shanghai Media Group

Director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 14th FINA World Championships



1st place for Logo(s) Design(s): RMB 20,000  

1st place for Mascot(s) Design(s): RMB 20,000

2nd – 9th places for Logo(s) Designs: RMB 2019 each

2nd – 9th places for Mascot(s) Designs: RMB 2019 each

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