Day 1 - 2nd Taolu World Cup, Yangon


 2nd Taolu World Cup 
 Day 1 

The first day of competition at the 2nd Taolu World Cup in Yangon was packed with stellar wushu performances from start to finish. World Champions defended their titles, and some newcomers blazed to unexpected glory. China won six gold medals, Hong Kong took a total of five, with three gold; Malaysia snatched two gold medals, and a silver and a bronze. Macau followed closely with one gold, one solver and three bronze. 

Paloma Panos Milla was thrilled to win a bronze medal in jianshu for Spain, offering us a fresh new face of a champion. And perhaps the most thrilling moments of the day came when the Myanmar Wushu team took to the carpet amidst roars from the packed stadium of local wushu fans. When Nyein Chan KO KO won the bronze medal in men's taijiquan the audience erupted in cheers and screams of joy. In the afternoon, their dreams cametrue again when Aye Thitsar MYINT fought her way to the silver podium in women's nandao. Myanmar star Sandi OO didn't medal in her highly competitive women's jianshu category, but her beautifully elegant and passionate performance made her the darling of the day.

There was much celebration after the medal ceremony, but athletes returned to their hotel for a good rest in anticipation of Day 2 tomorrow.
Day 1 Taolu Results:

Men's Changquan
Zhizhao CHANG (CHN) - gold
Yi Xiang YONG (SGP) - silver
Chi Kuan SONG (MAC) -bronze
Women's Changquan
Xue WANG (CHN) - gold
Ganna TERESHCHENKO (UKR) - silver
Cho Man SOU (MAC) - bronze
Men's Nanquan
Jianming LI (CHN) - gold
Quoc Khanh PHAM (VIE) - silver
Wai Keong CHIO (MAC) - bronze

Women's Nanquan
Huiying CHEN (CHN) - gold
Cheong Min TAN (MAS) - silver
Lucy Ruxi LEE (USA) - bronze
Men's Taijiquan
Shunhong YANG (CHN) - gold 
Tak Yan Samuei HUI (HKG) - silver
Nyein Chan KO KO (MYA) - bronze
Women's Taijiquan
Suijin CHEN (HKG) - gold
Shiho SAITO (JPN) - silver
Yan Ning Vera TAN (SGP) - bronze
Men's Daoshu
Zhifeng LI (CHN) - gold
Chen Ming WANG (TPE) - silver
Ilias KHUSNUTDINOV (RUS) - bronze

Women's Daoshu
Xuxu LIU (CHN) - gold
Sandra KONSTANTINOVA (RUS) - silver
Mia TIAN (USA) - bronze
Men's Jianshu
Weng Son WONG (MAS) - gold
Tomoya OKAWA (JPN) - silver
Hasung LEE (KOREA) - bronze
Women's Jianshu
Eyin PHOON (MAS) - gold
Yi LI (MAC) - silver
Paloma PANOS MILLA (ESP) - bronze
Men's Nandao
Jun Hua HUANG (MAC) - gold
Po Wei LAI (TPE) - silver
Cheuk Hei LEUNG (HKG) - bronze
Women's Nandao
Jianxin HE (HKG) - gold
Aye Thitsar MYINT (MYA) - silver
Cheong Min TAN (MAS) - bronze
Stay tuned for more updates from Yangon!
The 2nd Taolu World Cup can be seen live streaming on IWUF's Youtube channel, with the following schedule.
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