8th WKFC – Yu Zaiqing Greeting



  1. Jack Chang Loh — Malaysia’s Golden Taiji Star

    Malaysian star athlete Jack Chang Loh is a familiar face on the international wushu championship podium, having won multiple honors for his country and his team. Over the past 13 years with the Malaysian Wushu Team, he has taken gold medals in taijiquan in the World Wushu Championships, the World Taijiquan Championships, the ASEAN University…

  2. Indonesia’s Lindswell — The Soul of Taijiquan

    When taiji athlete Lindswell steps onto the carpet a certain magic falls over even the biggest arena. With a combination of ethereal grace, precise yet soulful technique, and dynamic power, this young Indonesian star has risen to the top of the international podium numerous times to take home the gold. Still, when she was just…

  3. A Passion for Wushu: Italian Wushu Star Michele Giordano

    In Southern Italy near Salerno, in the small town of Baronissi, Michele Giordano makes wushu his life’s passion. Surrounding his town is the stunning Amalfi coast where summertime is often spent playing soccer by the sea. But Giordano, who trains six days a week, doesn’t mind giving up beach time for wushu routines on the…

  4. Iran’s Golden Sanda Sisters — Shahrbano Mansourian and Elaheh Mansourian

    In the world of sanda fighting, Iranian sisters Elaheh and Shahrbano Mansourian are elite champions. Between them they’ve won dozens of international medals — and they are also inspiring role models to a new generation of Iranian girls with Olympic fighting dreams. Sanda has lifted them out of poverty and given them professional status and…

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