8th WKFC – Yu Zaiqing Greeting



  1. 8th World Kungfu Championships – Event Summary

    Celebrated Mount Emei was once again a magnificent backdrop for the 8th World Kungfu Championships, the world’s biggest traditional kungfu sport-for-all event that returned to the beautiful Sichuan setting for an encore after its success here two years ago in 2017. This year at Emeishan many longtime friends met once again to compete, teach, and…

  2. Taolu World Cup Comes to Tokyo, Japan! (in 2020)

    On the morning of March 27th, Mr. Okazaki, Executive President of the Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation (JWTF), led a delegation of six people to the Beijing office of the International Wushu Federation and was warmly received by Mr. Anthony Goh, IWUF Executive Vice President. Anthony Goh said that the JWTF is a very important IWUF…

  3. Remembering Xu Cai: A Leader and Pioneer of Wushu in the Modern Era

    On January 5, 2019 Xu Cai, a man with sincere love for wushu, passed away at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He was 93 years old. Xu Cai was a leader in the development of wushu in the modern era, promoting and popularizing wushu to the world. His departure is a major loss for…

  4. 15th World Wushu Championships Logo and Mascot Announced

    The 15th World Wushu Championships (WWC) will be held in Shanghai in October of 2019, and preparations are busily underway. The worldwide launch ceremony of the Championships’ logo and mascot was recently held at the Minhang Stadium in Shanghai, China on November 23. IOC Vice President and IWUF President Yu Zaiqing, Shanghai Vice Mayor and 15th WWC Preparatory Committee…

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