1. Sanda King Muslim Salikhov:Russia’s Legendary 5-Time Sanda World Champion,Becomes Global MMA Hero

      Wushu’s legendary “Sanda King” Muslim Salikhov reigned as Russia’s top sanda fighter for well over a decade, and he remains one of the sport’s most highly respected and beloved athletes. He won a record-breaking five gold medals in the World Wushu Championships during his amateur fighting career spanning 2003-2015. His odyssey from his native…

  2. Israeli Star Wins Her Nation’s First Historic World Wushu Championships Medal in Shanghai

    When Israeli wushu champion Anastasia Chiriliuc won the gold medal in Shuangjian at the 15th World Wushu Championships in Shanghai it was her highest achievement in a lifetime of wushu, and the pinnacle of a near two-decade sport career. It was also an emotional and historic moment for the Israeli wushu team and the Wushu…

  3. 15th World Wushu Championships Biggest WWC in History in Shanghai, China

  4. 15th World Wushu Championships Post-Event Report Held in Beijing

    On the afternoon of October 30, Anthony Goh, Executive Vice President of the International Wushu Federation, hosted the Summary Meeting of the 15th World Wushu Championships in Beijing. Zhang Qiuping, Secretary General of the IWUF, and representatives of relevant departments of the Secretariat attended the meeting. Each departmental representative gave a comprehensive report on work…

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