Promotional Video: Happy World Wushu-Kungfu Day!

IWUF President Mr. GOU Zhongwen's Message

IOC Vice President Mr. YU Zaiqing's Message

Wushu: An Official Sport in YOG

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  1. 18th Gymnasiade – 2020 Schools Summer Games


  2. 10th Sanda World Cup


  3. 8th World Junior Wushu Championships




IWUF Online Wushu Classroom Will Start on May 15th; 1st Week’s Schedule of Taiji Live Courses for You

Latest News

  • 2020.08.07

    IWUF Online Wushu Classroom: 12th Week Schedule

  • 2020.07.31

    IWUF Online Wushu Classroom: 11th Week Schedule

  • 2020.07.30

    IWUF Taijishan Competition Rules and Judging Methods Released

  • 2020.07.30

    IWUF Online Classroom: Sanda LIVE Class (July 31) Rescheduled to August 7


15th World Wushu Championships (2019)

October 19-24

Wushu TV

  • Promotional Video – Let’s Celebrate IWUF’s 30th Anniversary Together: Share Wushu. Share Health.
  • IWUF President Mr. GOU Zhongwen’s Message for IWUF’s 30th Anniversary
  • IOC Vice President, IWUF Honorary President Mr. YU Zaiqing’s Message for IWUF’s 30th Anniversary
  • #WWKD2020 Celebration Video from Brunei Darussalam
  • WWKD2020 – Celebration Video from Republic of Congo
  • WWKD2020 – Celebration Video from Hong Kong, China

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  • 9th Sanda World Cup

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  • 2nd Taolu World Cup

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  • 7th World Junior Wushu Championships

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  • Upcoming events

    8th World Kungfu Championships

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  • Hi I would like to become referee what is the steps . Thanks

  • 2nd World Wushu Kung Fu Day be successful, I wish Wushu more progress in the future. Md. Abdul Jabbar a member of the BWUF

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