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Anti-Doping & Medical


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Medical matters play an important role in wushu training and competitions, which is crucial in the protection for both the physical and mental health of athletes. Instant and effective medical intervention is also a powerful guarantee for competitions of being executed smoothly.


With the development of wushu, the competitiveness and confrontation of wushu competitions have gradually increased accordingly. If the medical regulations and rules not carefully conducted,  accidental injuries may occur, bringing negative influence to body fitness and health. Therefore, whether it is in daily wushu training or the on-sight wushu events, medical education and medical security are indispensable, and have been playing the a guiding role in wushu training and competition practices.


The International Wushu Federation (IWUF) has been attaching great importance to medical work since its establishment, and the IWUF Medical Committee is established for medical matters.


IWUF Medical Committee

1. The Medical Committee members must be highly experienced medical specialists or experts in the field of anti-doping.


2. The Medical Committee is responsible for formulating and revising the regulations regarding medical supervision of athletes and the anti- doping code and for supervising the implementation of these regulations.


3. In addition to formulating and implementing regulations, the Medical

Committee is responsible for the following:


3.1 Examining and handling proposals relating to medical affairs that

are submitted by NFs or Continental Federations.


3.2 Conducting anti-doping tests in accordance with the World Anti-

Doping Agency standards at all the competitions organized by

the IWUF.


3.3 Evaluation and approval of athletes’ TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) applications.


3.4 Physical examination of the athletes prior to each competition.


3.5 Making recommendations to the Technical Committee to disqualify athletes who do not meet the requirements for participating in a competition.


3.6 Organizing lectures on medical supervision.


3.7 Providing advanced medical supervision means and methods for NFs and Continental Federations.

Forms for Download

  • Medical Certificate

  • Injury Report Form

  • Pre-Event Medical Questionnaire


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