8th WKFC – Yu Zaiqing Greeting



  1. A Passion for Wushu: Italian Wushu Star Michele Giordano

    In Southern Italy near Salerno, in the small town of Baronissi, Michele Giordano makes wushu his life’s passion. Surrounding his town is the stunning Amalfi coast where summertime is often spent playing soccer by the sea. But Giordano, who trains six days a week, doesn’t mind giving up beach time for wushu routines on the…

  2. Taolu World Cup Comes to Tokyo, Japan! (in 2020)

    On the morning of March 27th, Mr. Okazaki, Executive President of the Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation (JWTF), led a delegation of six people to the Beijing office of the International Wushu Federation and was warmly received by Mr. Anthony Goh, IWUF Executive Vice President. Anthony Goh said that the JWTF is a very important IWUF…

  3. Iran’s Golden Sanda Sisters – Shahrbano Mansourian and Elaheh Mansourian

    In the world of sanda fighting, Iranian sisters Elaheh and Shahrbano Mansourian are elite champions. Between them they’ve won dozens of international medals — and they are also inspiring role models to a new generation of Iranian girls with Olympic fighting dreams. Sanda has lifted them out of poverty and given them professional status and…

  4. 2019 WWKD Logo Design Competition

    As the first World Wushu-Kungfu Day (WWKD) in 2018 came to a close, videos, photos, and testimonials poured in from all corners of the globe. Since then, we’ve been thinking of ways for wushu-kungfu enthusiasts all over the world to become even more involved in the next one on August 10, 2019 — here’s one…

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