1st IWUF Grading Commission Meeting Kicks Off in Beijing



From September 2-4, 2017, the 1st IWUF Grading Commission Meeting was held at the Secretariat Office of IWUF in Beijing, China. Presided by Anthony Goh, Executive Vice President of IWUF and Chairman of the Grading Commission, the meeting was attended by 15 members who were appointed by IWUF President Yu Zaiqing.




Covering a series of presentations, group discussions and plenary sessions, the three-day meeting was opened by Mr. Goh’s keynote speech on September 2. Mr. Goh welcomed the members to the meeting, and stated the purpose of the meeting was to develop a direction for the IWUF Grading System program. He also noted that a presentation is expected to be made in the upcoming 34th Executive Board meeting and at the 14th Congress to be held in September in Kazan.




Urs Krebs, Manager of IWUF Grading System Office, gave a presentation on the agenda and general guidelines of IWUF Grading System. Zhang Yuping, Vice Chairman of the Commission and the Vice President of the Chinese Wushu Association (CWA) spoke on behalf of the CWA and stated that the CWA will fully support the IWUF in all its efforts in the initiation and implementation of the IWUF Grading System. Zhang Luping, member of the Commission, then gave a general introduction to the Chinese Wushu Duanwei System and shared the experience of their program in China. In order for a better interactive discussion, the members were divided into two separate groups chaired by Yvonne Lin and Iwan Kwok respectively. Results of the discussion were presented to all attendees.




During the following two days’ sessions, the members of the Commission came to a general consensus on a series of topics, including the pilot projects, structure of the grades and ranks, marketing and promotion plans, etc. The 1st IWUF Grading Commission Meeting was adjourned on September 4.


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