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Taolu Competition Rules
Sanshou Competition Rules
Sanshou Competition Rules


Chapter 1 General Rules

Article 1 Types of Competition

Article 2 Systems of Competition

Article 3 Qualifications and Requirements

Article 4 Weight Categories

Article 5 Weighing-in

Article 6 Drawing Lots

Article 7 Dress and Protective Gear

Article 8 Competition Protocol

Article 9 Default

Article 10 Other Provisions in Competition

Chapter 2 Officials and Duties

Article 11 Officials

Article 12 Support Staff

Article 13 Duties of Contest Officials

Chapter 3 Jury of Appeal and Its Duties

Article 14 Composition of the Jury of Appeal

Article 15 Duties of the Jury of Appeal

Article 16 Procedure and Requirements of Appeal

Chapter 4 Competition Methods, Scoring Criteria and Penalties

Article 17 Competition Methods

Article 18 Prohibited Areas

Article 19 Scoring Areas

Article 20 Prohibited Methods

Article 21 Scoring Criteria

Article 22 Fouls and Penalties

Article 23 Stopping the Contest

Chapter 5 Winning and Placing

Article 24 Winner and Loser

Article 25 Placing

Chapter 6 Arrangement of Competition and Recording

Article 26 Arrangement of Competition

Article 27 Recording

Chapter 7 Calls and Gestures

Article 28 Platform Judge's Calls and Gestures

Article 29 Sideline Judges'  Gestures

Chapter 8 Competition Area and Equipment

Article 30 Competition Area

Article 31 Equipment

Download: Rules of Sanshou (2005 Edition,English)

                  Rules of Sanshou (2005 Edition,Chinese)

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